Special terms and conditions - Rent-a-boat

The boat is delivered in proper condition and full reservoir and must be returned in proper condition and full reservoir.
The boat consumes „SUPER 95“ petrol
The boat is under compulsory (mandatory) insurance.
All damages that are not covered by compulsory (mandatory) insurance will be covered by the leaseholder after returning the boat to the lessor or other person.
When taking over the vessel-boat, the Lessee is required to provide the Lessor with a mandatory deposit of 3.750,00 kn in cash or pre-authori-zation credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) for motorboats Saver 19, Blumax, Aquamar Samoa, Lomac, boats and Whaly, and deposit of 7.500,00 kn in cash or pre-authori-zation credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) for motoboat Saver 22 and rubber boat Saver MG710.
The purpose of the mandatory deposit is to reimburse all damages created during the rental period and not covered by insurance. The amount of the deposit corresponds to the amount of the insurance policy
When the vessel is returned to the Lessor, the latter checks the vessel in the presence of the Lessee. If the vessel is returned clean and tidy and with no damage and in the event no requirements concerning the use of the vessel rented have been suggested or announced by third parties for the Lessee, the Lessee will be reimbursed by the Lessor for the whole amount of the deposit if the latter was paid in cash or the Lessee’s cancel pre-authorization credit card if the payment was made that way.
Should the vessel, one of its part or its equipment suffer a damage, due to an intentional action or negligence on the part of the Lessee, the latter is liable for all expenses derived from the repair, replacement or purchase of another vessel, part of boat or equipment, which are covered by the deposit. If such a damage exceeds the deposit amount, the Lessee is liable for full compensation of the damage costs.
If further renting of the vessel is not possible, in addition to the coverage of the costs for repairing, replacing or purchasing another vessel, part of it or equipment, the Lessor will be entitled to the whole amount of the deposit equal to the profit loss and will request the Lessee compensation for the loss exceeding the deposit paid.
The Lesee is obliged to respect the maritime laws, and in the case of damage caused by his fault, he or she shall bear the costs of repair.
In case of dispute, the court in Rijeka is competent.
The leaseholder is especially advised to use the boat on his/her own risk and the lessor is not responsible for injury of any kind.
In acceptance of these terms and obligations both contracting parties are required to sign this contract.